Praise and Testimonials:

"You are the best Elise. Spending 3 months under your protocol saved my life. I'm sure of that. I'm continuing on the journey and I haven't felt this good in years!" -Vicki Richardson

"Thank you Elise Hawkins for helping me cut 15 pounds of unwanted fat and toxins over the past 2 months. But more importantly, working towards well-being in my body, mind, and soul." -Scott Schumacher

"Five weeks ago I decided to embark on a journey of health from the inside out. It's been eye-opening, inspiring, and extremely helpful. I'm not confused anymore on what my body needs... no fad diets, extreme eating, or unrealistic ingredients. If you are curious and would like to meet someone locally you need to meet with Elise Hawkins." -Havilah Cunnington

"It’s been on my heart for a while now to share a piece of my life on here about changes that have been taking place in the last couple of months. I’m not gonna lie, it feels a bit raw and uncomfortable, but I feel like it’s important to talk about vulnerable topics like this. Growing up, I’ve always had struggles with my hormones, and they were absolutely out of control. Whether it was pain or my insanely irregular cycle, no doctor, medication, or birth control was helping me. I tried everything every doctor would recommend to me, but it was all making my body freak out even more. Doctors would have the audacity to tell me that I was fine and everything I was going through was normal. It’s not normal for a 21-year-old to have extreme hormonal issues for 8 years. I would miss so many days of school or work because I couldn’t get out of bed. I would be called “lazy” because my body couldn’t handle doing much. This all happening while also having mental health and weight issues, too. This year I had hit my heaviest weight at 180 pounds (and don’t try telling me “you looked fine!”, I didnt. I didnt feel good). I hated my body. I hated feeling helpless, but then Elise @shasta_nutrition , my amazing nutritionist, came to my rescue! For the first time ever, I’ve felt hope about my body, hope that I could have my weight and hormones under control. Elise spent 3 months with me trying to figure what the heck was going on with me. Those 3 months have completely changed my life, but it was definitely blood, sweat, and tears. After committing to some changes, my body is finally starting to cooperate (also had skin and hair issues, but are all back to normal now!) I’m finally feeling like myself again. I’m currently down 30 pounds and I’m so proud myself! 
Huuuggee thank you to Elise for supporting me through the last couple of months. If you have health issues or even just need advice, definitely go check her out! @shasta_nutrition 
People, this is a real struggle and many don’t talk about this topic because it’s “weird” or “embarrassing”. Look, it’s God’s creation. Deal with it"  -Izabela 


"I finally gain 10lbs and I don't feel tired all the time anymore! Thank you so much for helping me." -Anonymous 



"Thanks for all your help! I've let go of over 8 pounds this week and I am actually hungry for lunch and dinner now. That's amazing!" -Anonymous

"Hellllo Wondrous Elise!!! So I had to share this with you on how my body is responding. Today I started my menstrual cycle and I was SHOCKED - it started 28 days without anything other than food to help with a timely start! Like I haven't been surprised about starting in FOREVER - normally I'm begging for it to start! AND to top it off I didn't have low blood sugar attacks like I normally have had! Overall it was so very gentle! I'm ecstatic and so grateful for your expertise!! Thanks with all my heart!" -Elizabeth 



"I am a business owner, and as such, it has been challenging for me to know how to balance being 'super woman,' a woman who works a full-time job successfully, loves her family well, eats well, exercises, has other healthy relationships, and does everything 'perfectly.' (Well, that doesn't exist!) However, in our striving to live life well, our health and emotional livelihood can sometimes become unbalanced. This was my case a year and a half ago when I had gone through a very difficult break up, and subsequently, a very stressful work situation. My adrenals and thyroid were out of whack, so much so that my primary care physician wanted to keep testing me to see if I should go onto medication. Instead, I went to see Elise...and began a learning journey of listening to my body, what's good for it, and what it actually needs. (It was very different than I had anticipated.) From then on, I began to be much more balanced in all aspects of life, and I am a much healthier person emotionally and physically! Here are a few other miraculous things that have happened: I no longer 'crash' in the afternoons or weekends. Previous to seeing Elise, my body was missing essential nutrients and around 4:00 p.m., and on weekends, I would become so exhausted that I couldn't do anything after work. This limited my desire and ability to exercise and maintain healthy relationships. Through changing my eating patterns to what my body needed (which is different for each person), based on the testing Elise performed on me, and taking her recommended supplements, my body has dramatically healed. Not only that, but previous to Elise, my bloodwork showed that my thyroid was borderline problematic. One year later, I retook the same tests with Elise, and then blood tests with my primary care (to confirm Elise's findings). My tests came back extremely positive: My adrenals were back in the 'safe' zone, and my thyroid was completely normal! I am so thankful for how Elise's expertise has changed my life and helped me learn how at least to attempt to be 'super woman.' Thank you, Elise!" -Vanessa Chandler

"I cannot express enough my gratitude for the depth of knowledge, nutritional expertise, and encouragement I am receiving from Elise. I came to her with adrenal fatigue and candida, and she thoughtfully and very skillfully created a full detailed protocol for me to emolument into my diet. Thank you so much for caring about your clients the way you do. You are a Godsend!" -Layna Hamilton


"Elise Hawkins was so thorough and helpful when I was facing emotional trauma and needed to build my immune system because my body was under too much stress. Through her prescriptions of diet and supplements I was able to get back to a healthy lifestyle and I am sure that I avoided sickness by following her nutrition plans. I have not been sick since meeting with her over two years ago!!"-Michelle


"I just want to let you know I've let go of 15 pounds in 29 days! Woohoo! So thankful!" -Anonymous


"Hello Elise. I just wanted to give you an update. I have switch my diet based on your recommendations and I feel great. I am not starved after my workout and I have lost a few pounds. My, husband, who suffers from chronic knee pain, is using the [the protein supplement recommended] and is pain free. Thanks again" -Leslie

"Elise, First of all I wanted to thank you for this!!! I can already see changes in my body because of this change in how I eat. My period this time was lighter, I barely had cramps, and I was able to sleep even prior to my period!!! My skin is clearing, I have way more energy, and I'm so happy overall. This is definitely something I want to keep doing as my body is reacting so positively to it :) I'm forever thankful!!" -Anonymous



"My symptoms are almost completely gone. No headaches, my nose isn't runny and my period was easy this time!" -Claire (two weeks into her protocol)