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Are you just as overwhelmed as I am with having access to every kind of knowledge you could possibly need? You want answers to so many different questions but always seem to come up short when you can’t even figure out where to start. Don’t blame yourself for this- it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by it all. Information was never meant to be a source of chaos- it is simply a tool. This is where we can help you. One of the highest values of Shasta Nutritional Therapy’s practice is to bring you clarity. Something so lacking in the culture we live in today is simplicity. The most important answers in life don’t always have to be the most difficult to find. Oftentimes, all we need is someone else’s help to point us in the right direction. More often than not, the case is the same for your health. You likely just need to sit down and have a genuine conversation with someone who truly cares about and knows how to get you back to a lifestyle of thriving.

There’s a very key truth that gets overlooked 90% of the time:

Everyone is unique.

Us health nerds like to call it “bio individuality.” This means that everyone’s body has a unique genetic makeup that will not, and should not, fit into a one-size-fits-all approach on health.

This is why it is crucial that you ask yourself a few questions before jumping into a crazy health or diet program:

Is this going to help me solve the root issues of my health problems? Will I even have the opportunity to figure out what they are?

Does this program acknowledge and cater to my bioindividual needs? Or was this created as a vague answer to get more publicity?

Am I going to be personally supported in this process? After all, pursuing health can be a scary path to walk alone.

Will I get results? And if so, is it actually going to teach me how to sustain my health long-term?

If you would answer any of these with “no” than it isn’t worth your time. The truth is, wellness is simple, though it isn’t always easy. Often times those daunting symptoms that you are experiencing are just your body’s way of asking you for a nutrient that is going to help it run properly. Just like when a baby is hungry, it’s going to scream. The way to get them to stop screaming is to give it the food it needs.

The majority of health problems in the world today come from a lack of knowledge of what the physiological support systems of our body need in order to operate properly. For instance, in order to hammer a nail into wood, you first need a hammer. If you do not own a hammer, it is going to be a lot more difficult for you to figure out what to use instead. There are tools that our body needs in order to continue to build itself properly: these tools are called nutrients.

Figuring out what nutrients your body needs is insanely daunting if you try doing it alone. Fortunately, this is where our heart is: we have the system and the knowledge to come alongside you and help you figure out what your body is asking for.

This is not a journey you need to walk alone. We can, and want, to help you.

If you are desiring to reach specific goals in weight management, meal planning, hormone balancing, digestion, energy restoration, adrenal fatigue support or if you just want to understand what tools your body is asking for, Shasta Nutritional Therapy is right where you want to be.

I’ve also included our free training video to give you a peek into the kind of help we offer and the results that come in a matter of weeks. A bit about us:

Our lead expert, Elise Hawkins, NTP is an experienced nutrition therapist in Redding, California, who offers highly specialized nutritional therapy consultation services locally as well as nutritional therapy consultations online. She would love to partner with you in helping you achieve your health goals.

Our team is ready and excited to walk this journey with you. Your body needs the unique attention it deserves in order to bring it back on the right track to health. Contact Shasta Nutritional Therapy and let us partner with you today.

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